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How to win online roulette using Martingale betting system

June 20, 2012

I answered my own question of “how to win roulette” Since I created Spin4Profit online roulette betting system in 2009. Then I found that not only me but lots of online roulette fans have many different answers to “how to win roulette” question. Therefore I created Spin4Profit Ninja that I hoped to create a dynamic tool for those who wish to automate own roulette betting systems. And I am happy that I finally made it since I saw more and more people use Ninja to create their own systems.

I found lots of the roulette systems created by my members are similar to Martingale betting system, which is deemed to be the most aggressive system by professionals.

How A particular martingale betting system works, is that you double your wager every time you lose, and return to your original wager the moment won by you. It’s used in the blackjack tables and roulette tables quite frequently, but there’s a flaw inside it that turns up rapidly there. The table limits are made to ensure that you are able to only perform a number of about 5 or 6 bets before you decide to can’t double again. Thus, on the table having a $5 minimum and $100 maximum wager, your bets would seem like this (should you stored losing and doubling): $5, $10, $20, $40, $80. Should you lose six hands consecutively – a typical occurrence – you cannot double as much as cover the deficits in the previous bets.

Each win gains you the quantity of your original wager. For instance, after four deficits, you’ve invested an overall total of $75 ($5 + $10 + $20 + $40), as well as your $80 covers that plus $5. So within this example you wallow in it and win $5 for every number of bets. Then, whenever you lose six hands consecutively you lose an overall total of $155, and also you can’t double again to regain individuals deficits.

Why is this better than other roulette winning system is that you can fit more bets into each series knowing how. Imagine that the table has limits of $1 to $100 around the “outside” or “even money” bets and $25 around the “uprightInch bets – in which you wager on several. Normally this maximum is applicable to every wager, not the entire of the bets up for grabs. This will be significant, by $25 on each red-colored number and $100 around the “red-colored” space, you are able to effectively wager from $1 to $550 on red-colored.

That may need a reason. Amounts pay 35-to-1, if you lay $ 1 on each red-colored number and something pops up, you lose $17 around the losing ones and win $35 around the winning one (you will find 18 red-colored amounts). The internet result is equivalent to should you have had placed the $18 around the red-colored space and won even money. Since you can get from $1 to $550 wager on red-colored, you could have as much as 10 bets inside a series: $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256, $512.

But I found the flaws in the original Martingale betting system. That’s why I created my own Martingale betting system alternative – Spin4profit Delux, with which I use to win online roulette and to eliminate Martingale system flaws in a renovated way.

And later in 2010, I added a hybrid betting option in Spin4Profit Ultimate, which combines flat betting with progressive betting (Martingale is one popular kind of it.) that I believe could help even more to win roulette online.

What Makes You Win Online Roulette-Roulette Systems Vs. Roulette Software

June 10, 2009

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Online roulette game could bring you a lot of fun if you can even earn easy money through it constantly. When you search on the internet, you will find there are so many roulette systems and strategies or tips which claim themselves to be the best or to even beat the house edge.

You will also find there are more and more roulette software (or called roulette betting software) on the market. Which one to choose, roulette system or roulette software? Do you really believe they can beat the house edge?

One thing is for sure that you will never be able to beat the house edge with any of the roulette systems or roulette software. Because otherwise there is no reason why casino still exists and becomes one of the only two industries which still make big profit in US in today’s economy.

Another funny thing is: Why are there way more roulette systems on the market than roulette software?

Spin4Profit Revolutionary Money Making Tool

It’s simply because most of people can only write an eBook and explain their ways of winning roulette from their own winning experience. They call it roulette system. While only a few of them are capable of software programming which actually put their system and program it into software. They call it roulette software.

Roulette software is more smart and efficient in winning roulette even if it’s just an executable roulette system which most of the roulette software falls into.

However, individuals can take advantage of some really working roulette software, which not only apply some systems automatically but analyze the odds in order to win more. But the challenge is to find the one that really works for any roulette any time.

Get To Know 7 Key Points Before Win Any Roulette

June 9, 2009

It has so much fun playing roulette game while winnings and loses will make you excited. It maybe the oldest game and enjoyable by people of all ages. I list 7 important things to know if you want to play and win that game.

1.No one could beat the house edge

When you look at the roulette table, you will find single zero or double zeros (in American roulette) in it. Those zeros create house edge, which always favor casino. House edge is the only reason casino could survive for centuries. So don’t ever try to beat it. Because you simply can’t.

2.Choose European roulette instead of American roulette

Not like European wheel, American wheel gets double zeros, which makes casino win more because the house edge is bigger. That’s why most roulette players choose European roulette. It’s simply because your winning chances are higher than playing American roulette.

3.Software maybe better than system

Roulette systems are less effective in winning roulette in a long game session. Because it just works for a certain type of odds. While the odds are always changing, not a single system could work for a long time. Roulette software sometimes is more effective in getting the right odds and suggest more winning bets. But none of them really works for a long time unless it has lose recovery strategy.

4.Martingale betting system is risky

Martingale betting method is simply not working and will make you lose much more money than you could take. Because it doubles your bets every time you lose. That is by far the most risky strategy I would highly recommend you not to take.

5.Always play within your limit

To win money should not be your only purpose of playing roulette games, otherwise it could put you into serious troubles. Always play it wisely and play within your limit. Only put your leisure money into it and never exceed that limit. Once you lose them, just quit the game. Some software even comes with automatic playing limit reminder.

6.Don’t get too emotional

It’s quite normal for being excited when win and being upset when lose. However you should not be too emotional to lose your reasoning faculty. Otherwise you would chase after winnings or loses, which will lead to big loses at the end. That’s why it is so important to know your limit and always play it wisely.

7.Enjoy your playing

Roulette game is game of chance: nobody knows where that little ball will land on. That game of chance brings lots of excitement should you not chasing winnings or loses.

These are the basic tips everyone should know if he wants to play real money at roulette. My personal experience is that chances of winning roulette is much higher than playing lottery when you know how to play it wisely.