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New Hybrid Roulette System- Unbelievable Weapon To Win Online Roulette Casinos

August 24, 2010

The new Hybrid option I newly designed for Ultimate is really a breaking through technology which consolidate all advantages of flat betting and progressive betting.

With previous Ultimate roulette betting system it could only cover up to 35 steps in one session because it used pure flat betting. That’s why many of you didn’t see Ultimate as a powerful weapon as Deluxe in the past.

Now I have optimized Ultimate. With new hybrid option checked in Ultimate’s settings, it can cover over 100 steps in a single session.

So that your winning chances are greatly improved and the chance of winning back the previous losing bets is dramatically enhanced because of that.

You shouldn’t just believe what I’ve told you. Watch this real time recording video and download Ultimate today to try it by yourself!