The Truth About Winning At Roulette

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Winning at Roulette can be an overwhelming challenge but if you stick to sound betting strategies and play the odds accordingly, you’re bound to be successful the next time you’re at the Casino. Roulette can be overwhelming and complicated but also is one of the only casino games that actually have almost 50-50 odds giving you the opportunity to turn almost nothing into a small fortune overnight.  But first you have to know what the game is about.

Winning at Roulette requires precise concentration, the ability to pick winning numbers, and the ability to feel the table instinctively and the no how of when to walk away.  However, even though Roulette may not always seem complicated and almost anyone can play, there are more gambling systems devised to beat Roulette than any other Casino game.  Having a system is important, but it is not fool proof and does not automatically guarantee you to win at Roulette.  But with the proper betting methods and the right strategy, winning at roulette can be your best path to fortune at the casino.  So let’s get started.

A winning system is one with a strategy to make you win the majority of the time and not take too much in loses.  If your strategy is not winning most of the time than it is not a winning strategy, and should be abandoned.  Time and time again we see Roulette systems that rely on sequential probability, and conditional probability, fail to produce any real, consistent results.  This is because roulette is not a game routed in probability.  Each roulette spin is a new spin and is not determined in any way by the previous spin. Therefore it is always random and cannot be determined by previous outcomes.  But there are systematic patterns to observe and there are bets that are better than others.

One of the best well known systems is the Martingale System and is one of the oldest and simplest methods.  It is useful in the short term, but its long term loses may be more than your willing to take. The system is simple in theory.  Double up when you lose.  You either bet on red or black and when you lose a bet you simply just double up on the next turn.  If you lose again you double it again.  And so on until either you win big or lose it all.

Another successful method of winning at roulette is the D’Alembert System.  The system is based around the theory of Nature seeking equilibrium meaning that if one outcome begins to dominate the results in the present then the future results will be dominated by the opposite.  For example if you are betting $1 and you lose you go on to bet $2 than $3 dollars increasing the bet every time until you win.  If on the next round you win then you decrease the bet by one unit back to $2 or $1 every time you win.  The problem with this method is that if you go on a hot winning streak you’re not going to win as much as you would getting lucky on the field, but it is a safer method.

The most important thing to winning at Roulette is making smart bets.  Play the field sometimes, play the numbers too, but understand the odds.  You might get a higher payout if you win but the odds are against you.  It is smart to play the safe odds and go for the long shots little by little while maintaining a solid safe odds bet.  By using a good system and sound strategy, you give yourself better odds, a more consistent chance, and a greater probability of success.

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2 Responses to “The Truth About Winning At Roulette”

  1. Benji Says:

    The Martingale system doesn’t seem like much of a system. It is still a hit and miss kinda thing. Making smart bets seems like better advice, but how do you know what is smart and what is luck??

  2. lol Roulette Says:

    Great tips about roulette. There are a few other betting systems out there that work great as well like Parlay and Paroli.

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